Profiled rubber ditch liner



Profiled Rubber is a black granulated rubber shockpad in a "egg carton" appearance with a profile of 25mm/7mm (the highest part being 25mm and the lowest part being 7mm).  Profiled Rubber is supplied for a variety of applications. It is popular as a protective underlay beneath synthetic grasses but more commonly used for installing in bowling green ditches as it offers an excellent holding surface to prevent bowls and jacks rolling along the ditch. Profiled Rubber is supplied in 20m x 1.25m rolls. However, we are pleased to supply cut lengths and widths as long as no wastage occurs. 

When used in bowling green ditches the material is supplied in manageable strips 1.25m long by the required width of your bowling green ditch. These short lengths are easy to lift to shake out dirt, stones and leaves. If you are looking for the rubber to be cut into strips (possibly for your bowling green).

Please contact us for a detailed quotation or to place your order for these narrow strips as it is not currently possible to place this type order on our website.  Please specify the total length of each of your bowling green ditches (including the corners) and the width of your ditch.  We will then work out how many pieces of rubber you require and provide the relevant cost.