Drakes Pride Coloured Professional Bowls


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                                                     ** PLEASE NOTE THESE NON VAT PRICES ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO UK PURCHASERS **

The Professional is available in the following colours :- White/Sky Blue, Mint Harlequin, Purple Harlequin, Sky Harlequin, White/Yellow/Green, Green/Green/White,   Maroon/Red/Orange, Red/Yellow Speckle, Purple/Blue Speckle, Blue/Blue Speckled, Maroon/Red Speckle, Green/Green Speckle, Multi 2 Speckle, Red/Orange Speckle, Blue/Pink speckled, Blue/Red Speckle, Magenta/Red Speckle in sizes 00 - 4 1/2 (incl. all half sizes which are specially made to order). 

***Maroon/Red, Green/Green are now available up to a size 5***.

These coloured bowls can be made specifically to order so that you ( the bowler ) can not only select the colour but the type of grip (Plain rings, Rose or Dimple grip) and your choice of emblem. We can also engrave the bowls with your own design of emblem, as long as it is not too complicated.

Refer to 'SPECIAL EMBLEM' section for info on logo / emblems for personalising bowls.


Click on the link below to see the bias performance :-

Professional - http://youtu.be/rLQ5aXHh_uM


The specially selected material used by Drakes Pride for our coloured bowls will contain flecks of different coloured material. It might also have lighter coloured material which during the moulding process show up as flow lines. Both are only visual and are not faults. They are an inherent part of the material which has been specially selected for bowls production. UV will, over time, darken coloured bowls and to maintain the appearance of the bowls as a set all bowls must be used equally. . The original colour can be restored by buffing, which must be carried out by a World Bowls Ltd licensed tester. The flecks nor the darkening affect the bowls handling.





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