Comfit Pro Ultraglide CX Trolley bag ( Free Postage)


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Ultraglide CX

Available in Blue, Maroon & Silver

The Ultraglide CX bag is a superb looking bowls bag that fits easily into 99% of lockers. Complete with 2 bowls bags, an extra strong pull handle (rated to 25kgs), and water and tear resistant high quality fabric, this makes the CX extremely good value.

Our CX bag is an all new small bag on wheels – streets ahead of the ‘roll a bowl’ or other similar type bags. Made from 800 denier rip-stop material, complete with 2 x 2 bowl bags that you take onto the green, turn upside down and presto, your bowls are ready to play. No more risk of dropping them on a concrete path. We have also developed a moulded base for strength and lightness.

The CX also has ample pockets for bits and pieces and jackets.

The CX is the same quality bag as the larger LX.

Dimensions W32 x H38 x D23.






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