Aero Maxim


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DESIGNED FOR very slow outdoor greens in  the UK,Canada and USA

The Maxim is designed as a wide swinging bowl. As with every one of our bowls the features are unique to Aero, only the precision of manufacture allows us to manufacture bowls that on the up shot will hold the line but with a gentle arc that our top players demanded.

On the draw, the Maxim will go around any bowl and so accurate is the line one can see the end result of ones shot from halfway up the green.

From the ergonomic profile, the guaranteed chip proof grips, a perfectly matched set and with every set of that model being the same, outstanding colours and polished using the same equipment Rolex use, one has a truly precision bowl that will instill a feeling of confidence when on the mat that any shot is possible, and with Aero it is.

You can choose, the size, the colour, emblem choice, colour of emblem, size of emblem, and grip, Have Fun designing your own bowls.PLEASE ALLOW 6 - 8 WEEKS FOR YOUR BOWLS TO BE DELIVERED AS THEY WILL BE MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. 





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