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Aero Groove

Available with Zig Zag or AeroDentations or Plain Rings

DESIGNED FOR UK, SOUTH AFRICA,USA,CANADA and most other countries.

For the bowler that prefers a bowl with less swing than the Maxim, the Groove can be used with a precision not seen previously in a lawn bowl. 

Perfectly suited to most UK,South African,USA and Canadian  outdoor greens the Groove plays without the Maxim’s strong finish.

As with every Aero model, whether an Australian model or Overseas model the UNIQUE feature of Aero design is that the bowl begins the turn approximately half way between mat and jack.

It is for this reason Aero is less affected by wind and uneven undulating and especially tracking surfaces. The logic is simple, more time to turn toward the target,because of the unique Harbour Bridge trajectory.
(Other brands turn much later making them more wind affected that gives them a huge hook).

ONLY AERO GURANTEE IN WRITING that our bowls are perfectly matched and that every set of  a particular model is the same as evey other set of that model.

It's no co-incidence that more World Champions have changed to Aero than to any other brand over the last 2 years.

You can choose, the size, the colour, emblem choice, colour of emblem, size of emblem, and grip, Have Fun designing your own bowls.PLEASE ALLOW UPTO 6 WEEKS FOR YOUR BOWLS TO BE DELIVERED AS THEY WILL BE MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. (USUALLY 2-3 WEEKS, BUT DEPENDANT ON COLOUR BEING AVAILABLE).





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