Shortmat Extra Heavy Jack


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Shortmat Yellow Extra Heavy Jack, alloy. Diameter 66mm, weight 903gms, available in powder coated finish or rubber coated (non chip).

With regards to the rules both jacks comply to the ESMBA rules so far as size and weight are concerned. however the ESMBA say that the rubber coated version is not legal for competitive play.

The long standing issue with the powder coated jacks is that if a paint or powder coating is applied because of the weight of the ball and the impacts involved the coating will inevitably chip off at some point. Some bowlers find this unacceptable and many clubs have become extremely frustrated with this and with the cost of regularly having the jacks re-coated. Whilst also reducing the 'travel' on the jack the rubber coated version solves this problem.

It seems that serious competitive players are sticking with the powder coated version (B3065) and are living with the 'chipping issues' whilst for convenience and cost clubs who play purely for fun are prefering the rubber coated version (B3067).





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